The Computer Society of Kenya

Since 1986

The Computer Society of Kenya is the recognized association for Information, Communication and Technology industries and professionals in Kenya, attracting large and active membership from all levels of the IT industry and providing a wide range of services to its 6,000 + members. Dr. Waudo Siganga - Ph.D is the current chairman and was ellected as the Vice President of WITSA incharge of Africa.

As our Motor states "Nuntius Pro Omunis" meaning Information For All",we are commited to providing information and technology as it emerges.


To synchronize ICT in Kenya and represent Kenya in International ICT summits and policy making.


To provide you with useful information and Ideas as far as Information Communication and Technology is concerned. As Kenya gears ahead towards her set development goal of year 2030 We believe that ICT is among the major tools towards achieving the set goal that is why the Society is putting efforts in public policy advocacy towards achieving the development Goal.


The Computer Society of Kenya has been serving the Corporate ICT Companies, the SME's and Individual ICT Professionals in different ways such as:

  • Accreditation
  • Training for both professional and preliminary ict level
  • Recognizing member Performance
  • Spearheading formation of ICT policies in Kenya
  • Representing members internationaly
  • Attracting Investeos in support of ICT in Kenya
  • Sharing of ICT information by publishing journals, guides and course books
  • Keeping members updated with the latest technology by holding frequent seminars and workshops

Core Activities of CSK

  • Accreditation of ICT Training Institutes
  • Establishments ICT industry Excellency awards, standards and code of conduct
  • Continuous professional programs
  • Local and international ICT lobbying
  • Publishing ICT News and Guides
  • Networking Forms
  • Holding Industry seminars, conferences and workshops
  • Conducting Activities that bring together the ICT industry such as Gala Dinner

Objectives for CSK Foundation

  • To act as the advocacy organization for ICT issues in Kenya
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on ICT through meetings, workshops, exhibitions and publications
  • To promote IT training, both preliminary, academic and professional level
  • To facilitate the establishment of professional competence and practice
  • To establish and develop branches of the society
  • To establish and maintain affiliations with international and regional organizations that support and share our vision
  • To set and supervise ICT examinations for, admission to relevant grades of the society‚Äôs membership

Way Ahead of the Society

  • Spearhead the establishment of centralized Government Database with through e government which is a key factor of Digitalizing the Government
  • Ensure maximum collection of revenue though online registration and payment by giving training to revenue collection bodies in Kenya such as Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Spearheading the activities of the Digital Villages such as outsourcing through working together with Ministry of Information and Technology, Kenya Data Networks and CISONet
  • To establish an ICT export services incubation centre
  • To facilitate donation of ICT equipment in around 3000 Kenya Secondary Schools.
  • To provide required support to investors and donors who would like to reach Kenya though ICT Projects such as SEGA Silicon Valley Projects

Brief History of CSK

It was established in 1984 but officially registered in 1986 as Computer Institute. In the year 1994 it attained its current name of Computer Society of Kenya.Since then the Computer Society of Kenya has been a public voice of the IT profession and the guardian of professional ethics and standards in the IT industry, with a commitment of the wider community to ensure the beneficial use of IT

Benefits for the Members

International ICT Lobbying is one of the CSK Core activity. There are many benefits of being a member of CSK as a company and/or as an individual. One of it is the representation of ones ICT ideas and policies directly to world level for the better Interoparability of ICT sector.

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