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Friday May 28, 2017

The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) is looking for local and international mobile software developers to integrate all the services they offer into a mobile application.

According to an expression of interest notice, Posta sought to find a company that would customise the ePosta application to run on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

“PCK wishes to develop one mobile application that has all its products and services. The application should be so deployed that it can be downloaded from appropriate market places,” said Posta.

ICT Cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru formed a 12-member task to oversee the transformation of Posta and align it with the changing market trends as well as boost its ability to ward off growing competition.

In December, the task force released interim findings calling for greater use of ICT systems to enhance efficiency at the parastatal.

ePosta will include services such as stamps acquisition, mail tracking and a postage calculator.

The mobile application will also have a post office locator, be able to deliver the latest news and press releases as well as promotions being run by the State corporation.

“The applicants should have successfully executed at least two contracts using standard platforms during the last two years. One of the companies for which the said contracts has been executed for should be from the banking or government sector,” read the notice in the media.

Developers and companies now have until May 12 to apply for the tender and provide details of the web server, application servers and the dependency modules that they will use.

So far, Posta has automated its services such as the recent linking of letter boxes to mobile telephone numbers through the new M-Post product, a service that links up post-office boxes to mobile phone numbers, has at least 20,000 users since its launch in August.

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