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walubengoDAILY NATION By John Walubengo 

Wednesday April 08, 2020

By Did 5G cause coronavirus?

There have been several clips shared on social media showing some pundits, celebrities, scientist and other commentators discussing how the new 5G technologies triggered the coronavirus.

Commonly known as conspiracy theories, the most absurd one claims that the Chinese manufactured the coronavirus in a lab in Wuhan and are spreading it through their 5G networks.

We shall ignore that one with the contempt it deserves and instead focus on the others that sound abit more convincing.

They argue that the high frequency range for 5G can cause human cells to produce toxins that manifest themselves as the corona virus.

To support their arguments, these pundits provide a map showing how the pandemic is more prevalent in developed economies where 5G deployments are higher.


At face value, these arguments do sound convincing but have several flaws or evidence going against them.

The first evidence is that places like Iran, with no 5G deployments are also experiencing relatively a high rate of infection.

If indeed 5G is the cause of coronavirus in those developed nations, how do you explain the high rates of infection in the least developed nations such as Iran and others?

The virus is a member of a family of ‘Corona’ viruses that have existed over the last thirty or so years – way before 1G technology, leave alone 5G, was deployed.

This means virologists have studied and documented this form of viruses way before mobile technology because a reality and as such it is quite a stretch of imagination to link 5G to corona family of viruses.

Many scientists seem to agree that this family of viruses is triggered when they mutate and jump to a human from a non-human host such as swine, bats, and monkeys.

Furthermore, there are several genetic studies that have been done just to demonstrate that it is impossible the virus originated from a lab environment as some form of biological weapon.


In any case, biological weapons are always developed with a corresponding antidote to ensure your soldiers do not suffer the same fate you wish on your enemies.

If Corona was indeed a biological weapon, the antidote or cure would by now have been released to arrest the dire situation still smoldering in China and rapidly unfolding in Europe, American and now entering Africa.

However, it is futile to argue successfully with conspiracy theorists. They will insist it’s is a biological weapon that escaped from the lab before its antidote was prepared.

So whatever one wishes to believe, it is really up to them.

Whatever the case, we must all agree to stay safe by observing the prescribed safety measures. We must all practice social distancing, washing hands, avoid public gatherings and minimise travel by staying at home.

This thing is real – whatever its origin.

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