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Friday June 17,2016

The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) is seeking to reach out to more customers through an electronic platform that links postal address boxes to their mobile phone numbers.

The platform dubbed Posta Mkononi will see new PCK customers use their phone numbers as their postal address as opposed to opening the traditional postal boxes.

PCK will charge the Posta Mkononi customers Sh300 annually compared to Sh2,300 it currently charges users of the traditional postal boxes.
They don’t have to visit any Post Office to register but can instead do it through their handsets by sending an SMS ‘Mpost’ to code 40777 and follow the instructions.

A notification will be sent to a customer’s phone upon sending or receiving a package from any post office in the country, thus reducing the number of visits individuals have been making to check their postal boxes.

There is also the option of having the package delivered to one’s doorstep at a fee.

Enock Kinara, the post master-general, said the corporation hopes to increase its customer numbers and grow its revenue using the platform.

“The postal corporation is embracing technology and striving to expand its product portfolio from the traditional mail to modern forms of communication that suit the current market model,” said Mr Kinara on Thursday.

“We expect to greatly connect with additional users of postal services through this new facility.”

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joseph Mucheru said the innovation will create a direct access to its customers and enable it to grow its revenue.

“The corporation has made a bold step into the mobile industry that has diverse opportunities and revolutionises its traditional mail service to suit the ever-evolving customer needs,” Mr Mucheru added.

The new product is part of a wider strategy by PCK to embrace technology and stave off competition that has over the years shrunk its market share.

Early in the year PCK launched the Postal Registered Encrypted Mail (Prem) -an encrypted mailing service- targeting individuals and companies that rely on email for personal or official communication.

To gain access to the service, individuals subscribe through Posta’s online portal at a cost of Sh250 per month, which will allow them to send 25 emails.

Companies with less than 100 employees pay Sh500 per user for 100 emails while unlimited use of the service for large companies is subject to an agreement with Posta.

The corporation is also  riding on the government’s plan to introduce cashless services for its payments to boost its electronic transactions business, through its Posta Pesa platform.

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