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Kibaki set to launch Konza City in January

konzaDaily Nation By CHARLES WOKABI

Friday, December 14  2012

The groundbreaking ceremony of Kenya’s first techno city is scheduled for next month setting the stage for the development of the Sh850 billion project.

According to a senior official in the Ministry of Information and Communications, the multi-billion Konza ICT Park project will be launched by President Kibaki on January 23.

“This will set the ground for the actual development of the city to begin,” Konza Technology City Business Process Outsourcing director of administration Henry Mung’asia told KNA Friday.

The announcement comes barely a week after the President appointed career investment banker John Ngumi to lead the development of the multi-billion technology city setting the pace for the recruitment of the project’s board and chief executive officer.


Forget 4G doodads, all we need is a bloody network

cybercafeDaily Nation By WAGA ODONGO

Monday, December 17  2012

News on the wire is that the government is determined to set up a 4G network before the next General Election in March. I feel the smartphone pulsing with vibrations of anticipation as the next phase of the digital utopia is unveiled.

The onward and upward journey of technological progress continues. Your 4G-spot is about to be activated. Full speed ahead, next stop: Konza.

4G supposedly goes like the wind and is vital to get it to be competitive. It is something to do with the Silicon Savannah, I am told. Silicon Savannah sounds like a plan by the government to start issuing out silicone breast implants, but I recently learnt that it has to do with bits of computer code.


Social security provider now activates Sh300m IT system

NSSFpxDaily Nation

Sunday, December 16  2012

The social security provider has activated a new technology system to upgrade its operations.

The new system, dubbed SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), will also help the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) on real-time management across its core business functions.

According to the fund’s managing trustee, Mr Tom Odongo, the Sh300 million system has been activated at the fund’s head office before progressively being rolled out across the branch network countrywide.

“By migrating from our manual systems to an enterprise-wide ERP system, we are making a historic shift from the inefficient NSSF of yesteryears to a modern NSSF which provides value to its members through centralised modern IT systems,” he said.


Alarm over huge increase in Web attacks, viruses

AndroidTabletpxDaily Nation By CHARLES WOKABI

Sunday, December 16  2012

Surging demand for Android powered gadgets triggered an explosive growth in the number of cyber threats targeting the platform in 2012, a new report reveals.

According to the Kaspersky Security Bulletin released at the weekend, 99 per cent of mobile malware detected by the Kaspersky Lab in 2012 was designed for the Android platform.

“Although malicious programmes for other mobile platforms, such as Symbian, Blackberry and J2ME, are still being developed, 99 per cent of newly discovered malware targeted the Android platform,” Kaspersky said in the bulletin.

The lab said it identified more than 35,000 malicious Android programmes in the year — which is about six times more than what was recorded last year.

An increase in the uptake of Android devices as consumer appetite for smartphones increases could have made the platform the biggest target for cybercriminals.


Airtel adds value to your cents with new bundles

AirtelpxSaturday Nation 15 Dec 2012

By NATION Reporter

Airtel Kenya has announced the introduction of a new range of affordable and flexible calling rates, effective immediately.

With the new Pamoja bundles, Airtel consumers can gain up to 2.5 times more talk time depending on the bundle they choose.

During the festive season, Pamoja bundles will allow family and friends to come together while achieving cost savings. Now there’s a reason to celebrate.

Customer calling needs vary day by day.  Now with Pamoja bundles, Airtel Customers can choose a tariff every day which matches their needs, making the most of their cash flow that day.

In addition to giving real value, Airtel's new Pamoja bundles include smaller denominations with prices ranging from two cents up to five cents per second, because we know every cent counts whether at home, work or school.


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