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ronoDaily Nation Friday 14 Dec, 2012

By Nation correspondent

Two Kenyan innovations emerged top in the first-ever Vodafone app star challenge held i south Africa yesterday.

Beating 6,000 entrants from six African and middle eastern countries, Mr Gerald Kibugi won the first prize with his action adventure game app’ tough jungle’ that introduces users to Kenya’s culture and history in an interactive way.

His app is an original Kenya game with different levels of play which are revealed after successful navigation of one level. Mr Gilbert Rono, another Kenyan and a first year student at Kenyatta university, won the second prize for his ‘ eureka’ app-an educational application that helps student solve mathematical problems.


NIC splurges Sh740 million on new mobile banking system

nicBusiness Daily By GEOFFREY IRUNGU

Wednesday, December 12  2012

Mid-tier NIC Bank has spent about Sh740 million ($8.6 million) on a new core banking system to facilitate rolling out of new products to be offered through mobile phones. It will also expand it Internet and branchless banking.

The listed banker said the products will hit the market during the first quarter of next year. Though details were not immediately available, there is a possibility the bank will be seeking to compete with other institutions that have recently unveiled products intended to push both deposit and loan services through mobile and Internet-banking platforms.

Commercial Bank of Africa and Safaricom’s M-Pesa have a partnership dubbed M-Shwari, Equity Bank has the pioneer M-Kesho with the same telecom firm, while deposit-taking microfinance firm Faulu Kenya has Kopa Chapaa with Airtel. Faulu has gone to court to challenge the M-Shwari product claiming it is a duplication of its product.


Mobile Internet forces PCs to evolve

IPad1stGenDaily nation SAN FRANCISCO, Wednesday 13,Dec 2012
The shift to smart phones and tablets became a landslide this year, crushing the desire for laptop computers and pressuring manufacturers to adapt to the mobile Internet era.

The trend promises to gain momentum in 2013, with people using handheld gadgets to remain connected to the Web on the go and switching to sophisticated systems in homes or offices.

“Tablets will not kill PCs (personal computers),” Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett tsaid. “Tablets will force them to evolve.”

Signs that the evolution is underway include Microsoft overhauling Windows to synch the world’s most widely used computer operating system with tablets and smartphones as well as desktops and laptops.

Microsoft is even selling its own Surface tablet based on the Windows 8 software released in October.


Telkom Kenya faces heat over unlimited data service

telcomThe Standard Digital By Paul Wafula

Thursday 13 Dec 2012

Telkom Kenya’s unlimited Internet package has run into trouble, The Standard can reveal.

The company, which is one of Kenya’s biggest players in the data market, has been selling its unlimited Internet package for months. But it turns out that while customers assume they will get uninterrupted service, some are being cut off while online.

And the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) now says it would take the firm to court unless it comes clean on the reasons for the ‘deception’.


ICT innovations offer home-made solutions for Africa’s growth

phoneBusiness Daily By Okuttah Mark and Agencies

Wednesday, December 12  2012

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) innovations are delivering home-grown solutions in Africa, transforming businesses and driving entrepreneurship and economic growth, says a new report.

The report by the World Bank and African Development Bank, with support from the African Union says in the last five years, Africa’s mobile phone market has rapidly expanded to become larger than either the EU or the United States’ with some 650 million subscribers.

At the same time, Internet bandwidth has grown 20-fold as hundreds of thousands of kilometres of new cables have been laid across the continent to serve an increasing number of its one billion citizens.

The new access is quickly changing lives and driving entrepreneurship, fuelled in part by collaborative technology hubs, and delivering innovation and home-grown solutions for Africa.

The report emphasises the need to build a competitive ICT industry to promote innovation, job creation, and boost the export potential of African companies.

Africa’s Internet bandwidth has increased 20-fold in the past five years, supported by over 68,000km of submarine cable and 615,000km of national backbone networks.


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