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Since 1986

The Media Department of Computer Society of Kenya handles raw facts and figures, Database, Hard and Digital contents from internal and external sources as far as ICT is conserned. It is this department that collects the data from the ground, keeps and updates the CSK Databases, Updates and uploads content in CSK Portal, processes and analyses facts and figures to information and redistributes the information in different internal media. The CSK Media department is divided into 3 sub-sections namely:-  The Data Section, Publications and Coverage  Section.

Find the information below regarding each section. Every information is archived into the csk Archives for reference. Now most of the information and data that was in hard copy has been digitalized and made available to users through the search. incase you need any information regarding the society and is not found online. Please contact us. However some information is securely kept in the csk internal databases and is only available to members or the CSK Board and Staff.

The Media Department reserves all rights to data obtained from CSK online sources. You can link directly to CSK official website from your website but using the CSK Logos, the Name, Computer Society of Kenya or images and data from the website without permission from CSK is prohibited.

The CSK Media Department partneres with other media houses in highlighting ICT Issues and events to the public. We welcome any Media House that is interested in partnering with us so long as the agenda is to push ICT towards attaining the Development Set Goal of Vision 2030 and for the benefits of our Members.

The Publications Section

The publications section is the subsection of the CSK Media department which collects reports from the Data Section and distributes (publishes) the information in 2 ways, namely; Web publishing and Print Publishing.The section updates the CSK portal (website), publishes the reports from the data section into soft copies which are uploaded to the CSK portal and hard copies which are republished in the respective CSK Publications. Among the Publications are: - Computer Age- The Kenya’s Official ICT Journal, Kenya ICT Business Guide- A collection of ICT companies and individual professionals, The CSK Training News -Iinformation on ICT training and Career guide to Information Communication and Technology, Souvenir Program - A publication prior to the Kenya ICT Excellence Awards (KICTEA) Gala Dinner for awarding the best ICT companies and individually at the end of every year.

The Data Section

This subsection of the department deals with CSK data analysis and reports. It is the major subsection of the Media Department as all other sections refer to the Data Section. The Media Coverage section collects raw facts from the ground and submits it to the Data sector for processing and analysis. The Publications Section collects the processed data (information) then publishes the information. The Data section is the custodian division of all database and records of the Computer Society of Kenya. All other departments of the Society forward the figure to the Data Section which does the data entry analysis and report production.

The Coverage Section

The media coverage section as the name suggests collects the raw facts and figures from the ground and submits the data to the Data Section for processing. They cover all CSK Events from seminars, dinners, training and workshops. They conduct interviews to ICT professionals as per request from the board or management committee of the Society. The keep the photographs and videos covered from the ground. They write articles for publishing in reference to reports from the data Section of CSK Media Department. For more on each section please visit the respective links.

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