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Event Description:

securityimageThe Kenya Annual IT Security Summit is the largest and most significant convocation of IT security practitioners, professionals, experts and related interested parties to discuss the gamut of high level IT Security issues facing organizations today. Attendance at the Summit is essential to prepare to meet emerging security needs and threats that will face enterprises in the coming year. The event comprises expert presentations, group discussions, industry input and demonstrations and case studies in an interactive participatory environment. In addition IT security professionals get to exchange views among themselves in formal and informal environments. The event will have a compliment of an exciting social, bonding and networking program.

The Program:

The event will include pertinent and current issues such as:

  • 2017/18 IT Security Predictions
  • Identification of organizational IT security threats
  • Top Security Tools in the Fight Against Cybercrime
  • Addressing IT Security Awareness in the Organization
  • Best practices for strengthening internal systems and services.
  • Protecting internet work devices and services.
  • Secure network communications.
  • Formulating, implementing and enforcing organizational security policies
  • Security and Trust
  • Mobile App Security Through Containerization
  • Key Considerations to Choose Effective Security Solutions
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Securing the Digital Workplace
  • How to Respond to IT Security Incidents
  • Security in the Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud Vs. On-Premise, Which is More Secure
  • Security Advantages of Desktop Visualization
  • Value Managed Security Services
  • A Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Flash Storage
  • How to build Cybersecurity into outsourcing contracts
  • The Internet of Things: Opportunities and Applications Across Industries
  • Ways to Keep Cybersecurity on Track While on Vacation
  • Are IT executives blind to Cybersecurity threats?
  • Its Time to Rethink Security Management
  • A New Model for Security Management

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