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The Annual ICT Managers Congress 6-10 May 2019

This is the premier event for ICT managers and ICT professionals.

For those leading the technology agenda in the digital revolution at the workplace, this conference provides a unique technology learning and networking experience. Explore innovative solutions and technologies, address questions surrounding ICT infrastructure, governance, leadership and management, and exchange experiences with other ICT management professionals as well as industry players. This year we expect more than 100 senior ICT managers and practitioners from an eclectic scope of organizations to attend this event.

The Congress is organised each year by the Computer Society of Kenya.

Focus Topics for discussion, panel sessions and expert presentations will include:

ü  Professionalising ICT practice: A critical review of the ICT Practitioners’ Bill

ü  Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Challenge for IT Management
The profulation of BYOD has presented IT Managers with new challenges. Your employees are now bringing their own devices - referred to as BYOD – “Bring Your Own Device” and even technology to work. Users now expect their devices to be supported by your IT department, and this of course, opens up a lot of security and management challenges.

ü  Enterprise Search Appliances That Can Save the Day
Out-of-control document management plagues businesses of every dimension. Duplicate documents, multiple file formats, poor filing practices, buried files, and files spread far and wide in multiple repositories are some of the common problems facing users looking for documents both living and archived. The answer is to index those documents into a central database. But how do you efficiently index thousands or perhaps millions of documents in such a way as to be both fast and efficient? The simple solution is a search appliance that performs the task for you.

ü  What ICT Managers Must Know About the Board of Directors
As ICT Managers increase their interactions with the board of directors, it is vital that they improve their knowledge of this unique and independent audience, according to Gartner, Inc. Only 16 percent of board directors have any IT background or experience, so CIOs need to treat the board as one of their most valued customers if they are to improve their overall ability to work with the board of directors. Gartner has identified seven areas that CIOs must understand and act upon in order to effectively work with the board.

Focus Topics (Continued)

ü  Security Awareness Action Plan
Without an ongoing systematic and proactive user awareness program, a strong security posture is in jeopardy. There is no cure for stupidity or genuine human error, but you can educate your work force to help them make the right decisions and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

ü  Cyber Governance for Organizations

ü  CyberCrime and Evidence Handling

ü  Digital transformation and organisational change.

ü  Blockchain technology and the Next Internet

ü  ICT Strategy

ü  Knowledge Management

ü  Data Analytics

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