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Conference2019The 10th Annual ICT Management & Leadership Conference  from 28th Oct-1st Nov. 2019 at PrideInn Paradise Resort, Mombasa

Conference Program Descriptions and Learning Objectives

Course DescriptionThe ICT Management and Leadership Conference focuses on bringing together in one place at one time ICT Professionals and Industry Leaders from the diverse and eclectic spectrum of technology and management, in order to empower attendees with the latest knowledge and information to maximize their value in your organization.  The event will include, amongst other key topics, emergent technologies and their predicted impacts on the workplace, managerial challenges and how to overcome the, data and systems security challenges and their management. Participants will review the stages of ICT and organizational integration, explore a variety of free tools and assessments, and learn about low and high-tech communication supports. Participants will explore best practices for implementing ICT resources that support applications integration.

 Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • List characteristics of an emergent technologies and how these can be identified
  • Identify major assessment tools for assessing emergent technologies and potential their  impact in the workplace
  • Identify two high-tech solutions that can be implemented at the typical workplace
  • Describe how ICT can be able to support diverse functional environments
  • Describe methodologies for effective communication between ICT and other functional departments
  • Identify emergent ICT related legislations in Kenya and their impact on the work place

All participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or iPad

The Computer Society of Kenya is registered by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) – Reg. No.  NITA/TRN/948 as an approved trainer in ICT and ICT Management.

DAY 1 – Monday 28th October 2019/Developments in the Industry Track


Registrations,ICT Demos and Exhibition




Registrations, ICT Demos and Exhibition


Lunch Break


Official Conference Opening and Introductions


P1- BlockChain – Application at today’s Workplace


P2 – Navigating ICT Change Management


Tea and Closure of Days Sessions


Cocktail Reception (Palm City/Haller)

DAY 2 – Tuesday 29th October 2019/Management Track

09.00 -10.00

P3 - How IT Management and Leadership is Changing with the Times

10.00 -11.00

P4 – How to Manage Business Alignment to Avoid Failure

11.00 -11.30

Tea Break

11.30- 12.30

P5 - The Biggest Issues IT Faces Today

12.30 -14.00

Lunch Break

14.00 -15.00

P6 – Managing diverse, multi-location teams


P7 - Best practices of influential IT leaders


Tea/ EoD

DAY 3 – Wednesday 30th October, 2019

07.00 – 17.00

Professional Networking and Bonding/Haller

DAY 4 – Thursday 31st  October, 2019/Technology and Security Track

09.00 -10.00

P8 - Best Practices in Vulnerability Management

10.00 -11.00

P9 – Robotic Process Automation in Business Processes

11.00 -11.30

Tea Break

11.30 -12.30

P10 - Cloud Security Strategies and Best Practices

12.30 -14.00

Lunch Break

1400 -15.00

P11 - Managing Digital Transformation


P12 - Early warning signs of IT disaster


Tea Conference  End

DAY 5 – Friday 1st November, 2019/ICT Related Legislation Track


P13 – Data Protection Bill


P14-  Copyright Bill


P15- Huduma Bill


Tea/Health Break


P16 – ICT Professionals Bill

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