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The Computer Society of Kenya Cybersecurity Webinar

Theme: Securing the Future: Preparing for the new Cyber Threats

About this webinar:

We are seeing and experiencing a massive drive from Industry towards ubiquitous connectivity and digitalization. This “Interconnected Era” has seen unprecedented adoption of interconnected devices in both our personal and work lives. Effectively cybersecurity is critical for ensuring the success of your business in the digital age.

This webinar explores the problems that cybersecurity professionals have faced over the past year and how these are likely to evolve in 2020, to examine how cyber threats develop and how business cybersecurity needs to grow to meet new challenges.

From comprehensive asset management to compliance with international standards, proficient cybersecurity requires you to juggle a vast number of tools and processes. Jon’s presentation will look at the way in which innovative technology can increase visibility and reduce complexity when it comes to cybersecurity management, to allow your business to embrace positive risk in 2020.

Join us for an interactive webinar and discussion around security best practice, as we navigate thought this new era.


- The biggest risks cybersecurity professionals faced in 2019

- How these risks are likely to evolve moving forward into 2020

- Threats that exploit remote Desktop protocol (RDP) currently often used due to COVID-19

- What tools allow businesses to embrace new technologies securely

- Best security Practice towards gaining visibility and control

Time: May 28, 2020 02:00 -04.00 PM Nairobi.

Facilitation fees: Ksh.5,000/= pp inclusive: Participation certificate with 20 CPD points and downloadable course martials.

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