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ICANN logoThe 49th ICANN Meeting Fellowships, Singapore, 23-27 March 2014

ICANN's Fellowship Program – Making a Difference

The Fellowship program seeks to create a broader and more regionally diverse base of knowledgeable constituents by reaching out to the less developed regions of the world to build capacity within the ICANN Multistakeholder Model.

Participation in the program at an ICANN Meeting is a "fast track" experience of engagement into that community model, with presentations designed to facilitate understanding of the many pieces and parts of ICANN while providing opportunities to network and promoting interaction with staff and community leaders. ICANN staff and the selection committee have maintained a "3x" rule for receiving this grant of support. The underlying thought is that a first time attendee is new to the ICANN meeting and community, and will not fully grasp all of the opportunities or understand all of the issues being worked on by the community. On a second fellowship, the individual will be better prepared and more knowledgeable about the process, providing an opportunity for increased networking and the chance to find their "fit" in the ICANN community, leading up to a final fellowship experience that focuses on mentorship, leadership and formulating goals for future participation. To receive more than one fellowship, an individual is expected to show growth in their chosen sector, and increased engagement and participation in their region as well as within the ICANN community. The expectation is that recipients will "graduate" from the program to participate in ICANN in a more visible manner, through outreach in their region, as a member of a working group, or even as a leader within an ICANN constituency or stakeholder group. Recipients of the program's support are now members of the GAC, ccNSO, ALAC, and various stakeholder groups within the gNSO, such as the Non Commercial Stakeholder Group and the Commercial and Business Users Constituency, to name a few

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