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DSCN010846666 lnd thumb lnd thumbThe Economic Department of the Embassy of Israel in Kenya humbly wishes to introduce to you Gonen Automation; a leading ICT company that has, since its founding in 1989, been delivering state of the art and fully integrated solutions for access control, time & attendance, shop-floor-control, presence registration, visitor registration, parking management and meeting room management.


The company’s top quality product is based on cutting edge technology that guarantees easy interfacing and integration with third party products like intrusion systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV products and any other system, thereby classifying Gonen Automation’s solution as a real, open architecture. Furthermore, Gonen’s solution is arguably the most affordable in its quality in the market today and they are willing to do a live demonstration that will enable you to understand better how it will bolster your business success and satisfaction levels of your customers.


Gonen Automation is looking for reseller or distributor partners in the region in a deal that will see the local partners’ technicians going to Israel for training and certification. And true to their word as witnessed in other countries where Gonen Automation currently operates, each Kenyan dealer will have a Channel Manager they can consult on all aspects: technical, sales and support. The Channel Manager will contact the dealers frequently to ensure that dealers receive all the required assistance on time.


Their flagship web-based solution which utilizes MS-SQL database has the following components:

1)      Eagle-Job: A state-of-the-art web-based application for collecting, recording and processing activities and for monitoring the progress of orders and projects. Eagle-Job registers and calculates times, quantities and costs related to such activities. Additionally, the Eagle-Job:

ü  Processes the costs involved with the produced quantities or/and the spent hours. You can calculate up to three different tariffs.

ü  Offers many reports covering the entire data of shop-floor aspects in the system. Among others, Eagle-Job notes and reports differences between the recorded job hours and the actual attendance. This allows most of the errors to be corrected and eliminated at an early stage.


2)      Eagle-Access:A complete web-based application for access control with an unlimited number of controlled entrances, the ability to define 96 time zones per person per day and the ability to enter as many persons as you need. Entrance is granted only on specific dates and day types, within defined time zones and only for selected groups. Additionally, an entrance can be set free or blocked at any given moment. Other highlights:

  •  Auto mode function which enables you to automatically drive (open or close) one or more relays, depending on the day type and the time of the day. In this way one can set actions to take place on certain days and hours. The auto mode also offers the possibility to react to sensors on specific days and times.
  • Ability to react upon situations in and around the building. For example, a door that remains open for too long, a timer that reaches the time limit, a counter which has reached a predefined value etc.
  • Ability to activate a command set with predefined commands e.g. in case of fire alarm several doors will open, other doors will close, reports will be printed, emails and text messages will be sent et cetera. A ‘command set’ can be started manually or as the result of an event (sensor signal) but also on a predefined date and time, using the scheduler of Eagle-Access.


3)      Eagle-Presence: The ideal tool for those who need to know at any time who is in the building/office. Eagle-Presence is an indispensable tool for receptionists, telephone operators, security personnel and for any other person to be able to quickly trace a colleague. Because you can select the location, building, department etc., only the group you are interested in is displayed. Furthermore:

  • In an emergency like a fire outbreak, an emergency report can be displayed on the screen but also sent to all printers on the network. The fire report indicates who is in and at which mustering point each person has to report as well as where and when each person punched last.
  • If required, with every new transaction the photo of the person can be displayed together with the status (In, Out, etc.), the date and the time. This quickly informs you about the arrival or departure of persons. Pop-up of the photo enables you to identify a person even if you do not know him/her.


4)      Eagle-Visitor:An application which administrates the entire cycle of the visit, from the moment the visit is planned until the visitor leaves the premises. Its highlights are:

ü  Entry function: Once scheduled, the visitor receives a confirmation e-mail with all details of his/her visit. Upon arrival the visitor will register their presence, get a chance to input some additional data about their organization, enter information needed in case of emergency and eventually correct his personal data on the console screen.

ü  Administration function: the receptionist or the gateman can issue e-badges to visitors, send an e-mail to the host to notify him of the arrival of his visitor, allocate a parking space to the visitor, reserve a conference room, take a picture of the visitor, reserve a locker for him/her or change the status of the visitor (planned - arrived - admitted – departed).

ü  The conference room function of Eagle-Visitor enables you to define all rooms which can be used for a conference. For each conference room you can list the number of persons it seats and add a list of facilities which are available in this particular room. Think of the presence of a beamer, telephone, television, whiteboard, etc. Per visit you can plan additional items and reserve consumables such as coffee, tea, sandwiches etc.


5)      With Eagle-Parkingyou can manage an unlimited number of parking areas on different locations. The graphical representation of parking spaces makes the management of the parking areas clear and easy. For instance:

  • For each parking area you can define the capacity (number of cars) and the opening hours.
  • Consequently you can define which person may access which parking area.
  •  Extra time is automatically added for arrival and departure. For the reservation of parking spaces for visitors, the times of the planned visit are automatically imported from Eagle-Visitor, the visitor registration module and also the attendance module.
  •  When a parking area is full, Eagle-Parking automatically assigns an alternative parking area if available.
  • One may assign a fixed number of parking spaces to a particular group e.g. when renting (part of) the parking area to third parties.


6)      Eagle-Meeting room: You can completely manage the reservation of conference rooms, but also any other space in the building. You can define as many rooms as you need and specify the capacity for each room. You can also specify all the available items (inventory) per room. Additionally:

  •  You can set up list of additional items like notebooks, tables, chairs and TV sets which can be ordered per meeting.
  •  When reserving a room you can specify when and how long you need the space and how many people will be present. You can also reserve consumable products. Consumables are automatically placed on the list of the provider (typically the catering organization).
  • Integration with other modules: if you plan a visitor with Eagle-Visitor, you can instantly book a meeting room with Eagle-Meeting Room.


I kindly encourage you to send your comments and/or queries to Mr. Eliaz Sagiv (the Manager of International Business Development) whose email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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