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witsa-newsAs you may recall from our  Board meeting on May 22, there was an

interest in creating a B2B web portal for WITSA members. In that regard, we have contacted a long time acquaintance, Mr Dan Salcedo,the founder and owner of Open Entry. Dan and his company OpenEntry won WITSA highest Global ICT Excellence Award for Digital Opportunity several years ago and they are experts in hosting and operating B2B and B2C web portals.

Based on the close relationship we have with Dan, he is offering

WITSA the opportunity to offer all WITSA members the ability to

connect to other WITSA members in a global marketplace. For your

information, please open the preliminary demoÂ

Http:// As you see from the rough demo, Open

Entry is intended to allow entrepreneurs from developing countries

with the opportunity to advertise and sell their products around the

globe. In WITSA’s case we can use the Open Entry Portal to

allow WITSA member companies to advertise and market their products and

services globally BUT NOT sell through the portal; rather to connect

with potential buyers and sellers. In other words, the portal will

allow for companies to connect with potential buyers and sellers so

that they can contact each other to establish relationships in the

hopes that business will take place in the near or distant future.Â

Basically, WITSA can offer its association members (per country) an

opportunity for their members to showcase and hopefully sell their

products & services while networking around the globe.

For example, CSK member companies can join this online marketplace, a

WITSA B2B Portal. A special Box/Location called (Kenya/CSK)

Would be set up by Dan Salcedo and his team. CSK would then go out to

their members and sign them up to add their products and services to

the online marketplace.

We believe this could be an outstanding potential opportunity for

WITSA members and their corporate membership.

At this stage, we are working with Dan to set up a test site that

will be featured in a formal proposal to the WITSA Board of

Directors. The next step is to populate the beta test with a few

assistance. Could I kindly ask for your assistance in sending us Â

eight (8)  CSK member company names and  URLs? We will also need

their product/services classifications as per our list below (just

the corresponding classification number(s):

1. Logistics Management

2. Enterprise software

3. Gaming Services/Development

4. Payment Processing/Security

5. E Commerce/e Business/e procurement services

6. E Government Services

7. Health Records

8. E Voting Services

9. Knowledge Management

10. Maintenance/Testing

11. Web Development

12. Quality Control/Assurance

13. Project Management

14. Data Center Operations

15. Education/Training Services/Products

16. Transportation Services/Products

17. Market Information Systems

18. Consulting Services

19. Inventory Management

20. Outsourcing

21. Nearshoring

22. Telecommunications Products & Services

23. Health Care/Hospital Information Systems

24. Financial Systems applications/services

25. Cyber Security Services

26. CRM Services

27. Web Development

28. Software Development

29. Systems Integration

30. Malware Services

31. Internet Services

32. Cloud Services

33. Help Desk Services

34. Information Lifecycle Management

35. Call Center Services

36. CAD Services

37. ICT Infrastructure Services

38. Analytics

39. Network Management Services

40. Outsourcing

41. Nearshoring

42. Social Media Marketing

43. Business Process Engineering

44. Data Storage/Processing Hardware/Electronics Products & Services_

45. Hardware Manufacturing

46. Computer Equipment Sales

47. Video Conferencing Products/Services

48. Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Computers

49. Electronics

50. Wearable Computing

51. Machine 2 Machine (M2M) Applications

52. 3D Printing Products & Services

53. Multimedia Products & Services

54. Peripheral Equipment

55. Storage Services/Products

56. Value Added Reseller Security Products & Services_

57. Identify Management

58. Data Security

59. Testing

60. Network Management

61. Web Site Hosting

62. Analytics Data Services_

63. Data Processing

64. Dark Data Center Services

65. Information Storage and Retrieval System

66. Analytics

67. Satellite Services

68. Big Data Services

69. Outsourcing

70. Nearshoring

Below are some examples, as received from BCS, our Bangladeshi member


It is hoped that this offering will be of great value to all of WITSA

members. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Dan has agreed to provide this service to WITSA at no cost.

Your support and assistance in providing eight company names, URLs

and classifications would be much appreciated.

Intrested companies can contact us via email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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